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Hey, I’m Zainab Haq and I spent the first years of my life in Pakistan, completely immersed in the chaos of its amazing and quirky culture. London was my next stop; 20 years in a household constantly filled with family, friends and most importantly, a tonne of fresh, tasty food cooked by Mama Haq.


Nowadays I’m living in Amsterdam, nearly 6 thousand kilometres away from my Pakistani roots but they’ve stuck with me. I’ve spent countless hours by my mum's side and countless more on FaceTime, perfecting her authentic Pakistani recipes and adding my own new twists. After gallons of blood, sweat and tears spent, we finally got there and we're bringing Pakistani food to the Netherlands!


Recently, you would have caught me on a mission to share my experience and passion for authentic Asian home-cooking, by creating as much noise as possible with my unique food trailer – Mama Haq’s. Mama Haq’s food trailer was booked to be at many festivals around the Netherlands this summer…




Sadly the strike of the Corona virus means that all festivals in the Netherlands are currently banned until further announcement. Through these sad and uncertain times we do not want to deprive you of our delicious food so we’ve adapted to provide a home-delivery service of Mama Haq’s! Let’s call it Mama Haq’s version 2.0! We hope you enjoy the Mama Haq’s home experience for now and with hope of brighter days ahead, we hope to see/dance/drink/laugh with you at a festival very very soon.


Before I forget to mention, Mama Haq’s food is 100% vegetarian, packaged in compostable or recyclable packaging made from 100% renewable raw materials, so please use those recycling bins because we love our planet and are willing to scream it from the rooftops!


Stay safe! Love Mama Haq’s x


p.s. our limited menu is just the beginning of what we have to offer! Since it’s just me in the kitchen by myself I am starting small but as we get more and more support from you we can grow and grow and grow :) 

Let's talk about food baby...

Our approach is a modern twist on some authentic classics. Think fresh, healthy and tasty vegetarian Kati Rolls paired with traditional savory snacks for magical combinations that will leave you wanting more. 

Our favorites:

Paratha - flaky and soft! A layered flatbread made from flour, salt, oil and water. 

Aloo Ghobi - vegetarian dish made with potatoes, cauliflower and various spices, garnished with freshly chopped ginger and coriander.

Baingan - smoky, spicy and aromatic aubergine mash.


Bhindi - stir-fried okra in a tomato and onion base.


Dahl - comforting and warming, thick lentil soup. A must on the side of any Pakistani meal! 

Namak Paray - crunchy, savory snack. Strips of pastry seasoned with spices and cooked in oil. Warning - dangerously addictive!

Catch us if you can...

Uber Eats:

Order Mama Haq's straight to your door Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 5.30pm until 9pm


Postponed right now due to Corona but keep checking our website for our agenda, coming soon or follow our Instagram page to keep track and for further updates!


If you're looking for private catering for any occasion, you've come to the right place - whether you want us to takeover your kitchen, or set up our trailer at your event, let's talk it through. Leave the details to us and we'll make it happen. Send us an email or drop us a call for more information.

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Phone +31 648 439 711


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